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Thai Yoga Massage

For Rebalancing and Revitalisation

A dynamic form of bodywork that releases tension and realigns the body to improve posture, flexibility, breathing and circulation, as well as balance the body’s energy levels.

Performed fully clothed* on a futon mattress, this ancient form of bodywork uses a unique combination of acupressure, energy balancing, breathing techniques, applied yoga stretches and gentle rhythmic compressions to deliver a powerful whole body treatment that achieves an invigorating and profoundly relaxing massage. 

Thai Massage is suitable for all ages and is particularly beneficial for those suffering back, shoulder or neck pain.

Though 2 hours is considered the recommended time for a full body treatment, a 1½ hr session is usual. 

* the client should dress in loose fitting clothing like tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt

Treatment times: 2 hours, 1½ hours

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