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About Me

Sorrel de la Hey 

I am committed to health and wellness and to empowering people to live better lives, both physically and mentally.

I love helping people to be free of pain, move more easily especially as they age, improve sporting performance or speed up injury recovery. Being able to contribute towards the positive lifestyle changes a person can make is a complete joy.


I discovered massage in my teens and yoga in my twenties. I experienced the many benefits first-hand but also how good it felt to help people. I have been massaging and teaching ever since. I am lucky to have trained with many influential and inspirational teachers across both modalities. And I am continually learning. I am interested in how the body moves, how the mind works and I'm passionate about anatomy.


Other the years, I’ve organised wellness retreats and yoga events. I've been on quite a few retreats too and examined massage students. I've also run a few marathons, cycled Britain and walked miles with my beloved hound. I am raising beautiful twins in the Somerset countryside. 

I have to remind myself daily of the goodness of self-care. 

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