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Yoga is a practice for everyone, a tradition to revitalise the mind and body. A regular yoga practice will bring you both a healthier body and a clearer mind.

Physically, yoga helps to stretch and ease the body, to nourish and heal, increasing flexibility, improving posture, strengthening and toning. Recent research by the University of York has found that yoga is a better treatment for back pain than going to the doctor.

Yoga also helps to relieve stress, countering the strains of everyday living and improving mental clarity. It’s the main reason why financers and entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to yoga, whilst others look to yoga for personal development, to find a sense of peace and inner calm or to simply relax and sleep better.

All ages, abilities and fitness levels are welcome to attend Sorrel’s yoga classes – check out the yoga
Class Schedule for more details. If you still need further guidance or are interested in booking on a course or private session, then please call Sorrel on 077951 82235 or email me

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Revitalising Yoga classes and workshops in Wincanton, Sherborne, Yeovil, Bruton

Massage & bodywork treatments in Somerset & Dorset
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