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Private tuition for individuals, couples or small groups is available.

This is a great way of getting individual guidance on your practice and ideal for those who want instruction away from the class situation.

Whether that be for beginners who are nervous at starting in a big class, those with particular conditions who need more attention and modifications, those who want to deepen their practice or prefer to learn from the privacy of their own home.

Like a personal training session, the One-to-One is tailored to the individual, a plan formulated and guidance given for any ongoing sessions/home practice. In this way, Sorrel is able to work with individual students to help them reach their goals.

Yoga for Rehabilitation
This is yoga as therapy; working with injuries and conditions, specific areas of the body can be targeted and certain postures can be focused on to correct muscle imbalances, structural misalignments and weaknesses. These sessions provide an understanding on how to apply yoga to everyday living in order to enhance a chosen sport, minimise pain and manage conditions.

Yoga is safe and suitable for all levels of fitness.

1-to-1's/small groups are available at Wincanton Chiropractic Clinic or in private homes by arrangement.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs further.
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Revitalising Yoga classes and workshops in Wincanton, Sherborne, Yeovil, Bruton.

Massage & bodywork treatments in Somerset & Dorset
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